First course of action

Just two days after I bought the car I somehow decided that an AUX-input would be the most important thing to do. I really don’t remember why I decided so soon on that but I do know that I didn’t put it in until 4 weeks later.

The reason for that was mainly my own stupidity. I fully relied on one manual I found and had been rated perfectly working by multiple people. Two cables later I noticed that all the time I had put the cables in the wrong harness which for whatever reason had the correct color but was in fact not the correct harness.

There is a white and a black one next to each other. In my case the colors were just switched compared to the manual. If I had really looked at it I could’ve seen if it needs to sit left or right – but I didn’t really look because ‘Hey! Colors! That easy!’

After some coding which I’ve gotten into while waiting for a new AUX-cable it was finally done.

For anyone interested, these are the values to be changed:
Set ‘AUX_CONFIG’ in CAPPL to ‘mounted’ and
set ‘INPUT_SCALING_SUB2’ in CAUDI to ‘wert_02’

Winter is coming
Collected coding achievements


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