Collected coding achievements

After playing around with numerous coding options using the common Ediabas-INPA-kit I want to share those which are permanently set now.

Starting off with the featured image, I activated the eyebrows – also called US sidemarkers. Some argue they weren’t allowed in Germany, others insist they are. I’ll just try my luck. Additionally I turned on the turn signals permanently to 40%. The image doesn’t really reflect how it looks. It was getting dark already and my camera couldn’t cope with it.
The coding options are as follows:

  • Set ‘SIDEMARKER_US’ in LMA to ‘aktiv’ (activates the eyebrows)
  • Set ‘DRL_V_GEDIMMT’ in LMA to ‘wert_01’ (activates turn signals as daytime running lights)
  • Set ‘DRL_WERT_DIMMUNG’ in LMA to ‘wert_02’ (sets brightness to 40%).


Also the folding mirrors option is a nice one, I think.
When pressing and holding the lock-button on the fob the side mirrors will fold and automatically unfold when unlocking. These are the coding options which need to be set:

  • Set ‘BEIKLAPPEN_B_KOMFORTSCHL’ in both TMBT and TMFT to ‘aktiv’


The last nice feature I coded during this ‘power session’ is the digital speed display. At the spot where usually just the time or reach are displayed one can also switch to a digital speedometer which just shows e.g. ‘V =    123km/h’. Also, just because I can, I removed the 3 km/h adjustment which is required by law. This does not affect the normal speedometer. Lastly, that empty display which gets really annoying when switching between the other displays can get removed as well. These are the coding options for all of the above:

  • Set ‘BC_DIGITAL_V’ in KOMBI to ‘aktiv’ (activates the speedometer)
  • Set ‘BC_DIGITAL_V_KORREKTUR’ in KOMBI to ‘nicht_aktiv’ (removes the 3 km/h adjustment)
  • Set ‘BC_LEERZEILE’ in KOMBI to ‘nicht_aktiv’ (removes that empty display)
First course of action
Inactive Steering

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