Driving statistics 2015

I’ve only had the car for 3½ months but for completeness there’s also a statistics of those first months as well.
September’s numbers are not fully accurate and only an estimation (taking into account other factors as well) as I don’t remember the actual data from that day.

Month Kilometers Liters Spent
September 40 63.6 70€
October 1549 169.8 186.91€
November 1144 115.5 129.2€
December 791 74.17 74.77€
Total 3524 423.1 460.88€

I’ve driven the least in September with 40km and the most in October with 1549km.
I averaged 12.01l/100km, while the lowest consumption per tank was 9.38 and 11.13 the highest.
The average price per liter was 1.089€, 0.999€ being the lowest and 1.169 the highest.

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