Babysteps towards the ultimate shadyness

So what’s so special about that image? You probably need to look twice and if the stickers at the top wouldn’t be there, most of you wouldn’t even notice.

Yes, I paid 6.50€ for some sticky plastic to put on my BMW-logo. The blue parts are now black.

Initially, I wanted to buy a new logo. I often read that stickers would fall off, be of poor quality, etc. After some research I noticed that for many logos it wasn’t any different. Since they also are pretty pricy, starting at 30€ for poorly rated ones I figured, what could go wrong with 6.50€? The material is so cheap, they wouldn’t dare to just sell stickers for one logo so they include the wheels, trunk and steering-wheel logos. I used all of them excluding the wheels.

Up to the point of this blog’s creation in January I had no issue with falling of stickers, even though they experienced multiple carwash-sessions.

Changing power supply
Adding 0.4HP to the mix

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