Even more accents

Following is a project I had in mind since September. I’ve seen it on newer models where it does look a bit better. The objective was to paint these bars behind the front grill (which are black in this case but very well visible):

The issue I ran into immediately was that I’d need to remove the whole front bumper to get to them. This really wasn’t worth it at the time.

However, today I stood in front of my car and thought: Well, I have to get to them.. Let’s just remove this quickly, and that.. hmm, now this.
One thing led to an other: I found myself without a front bumper.
After that I just unscrewed those bars (which is actually one – didn’t know that before) and painted it.

I took the opportunity to test my green fog lights which I had bought 4 weeks before but hadn’t had a chance to put them in, yet.

The gallery show’s what I did and how it looks now.

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Setting some accents
Moving closer to K.I.T.T

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