Moving closer to K.I.T.T

Since I started the whole CAN project my idea was to get a car like K.I.T.T from Knight Rider. My initial plan was to have it greet me when I enter. This, however, turned out to be not as easy as I thought. I’m basically missing everything which I need for this:

When unlocking I wanted the car’s system to start so the speakers were ready to use when I entered. Usually the system only starts when I turn the ignition. I currently do not have the knowledge to start the system, though. I’m sure it’s some code which is sent to it but I couldn’t identify it so far.

Next problem: How does the car know that I entered? Door opens and shuts? That’s actually a possibility which I just thought of while typing. Cool, that’d work. My inital idea was to read the seat sensor, though. I didn’t find out how so that won’t work.

The main issue really is that I want the car to greet me before the speakers are on. I didn’t really continue that thought since I couldn’t talk to my car anyways. That’s about to change with my next project, though:

Voice recognition! I’ve tested this on my Pi at my desk to control various devices which does work very accurate. I’m not using it at home, though, since I didn’t figure out when to tell it when to listen. I might add some button but that’s not the project. Way cooler would this be in my car!

I went to Amazon and bought an USB-soundcard for 6€ and a small microphone for 8€. At first I had issues finding the soundcard as I had attached it to an USB hub. After connecting it directly it worked without any issues. I can now already spy on people in my car – which is nobody because it’s my car.

So far I didn’t get around working on that further – NYE kinda threw me off but I hope I get to do something productive next week.

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