Magnetic Identification

After installing my new front bumper it had to be decided where to put my license plate.

A few weeks back I came across magnetic license plate holders on a BMW event. It’s a pretty cool thing since I don’t have to drill anything into my bumper and also it’s a good alternative to covering up my air intake – which I had considered as well.

I went with MagSign by Werk 2 which, according to their homepage, holds the thing in place at up to 300km/h. I think that should suffice.

The idea is rather simple: The set consists of 16 magnets – half of which are glued to the inside of the bumper and the other half is glued to the back of the license plate.

For assembly I watched this video tutorial which gave me the right idea. I started off with glueing the first eight magnets to the license plate, roughly put it where it should go on the bumper and then placed the other eight magnets at the back. When moving the license plate, the magnets at the back move with it accordingly. I marked the positions with a pen and glued everything in place.
Unfortunately, while moving around, two magnets snapped together splitting one in half. I just used the bigger half, I guess it won’t hurt.

One downside is that I need to remove it before going through the car wash but all in all I’m really satisfied with this solution.
Also, I’ve already tested this on a short test ride going around 210km/h. It didn’t move an inch.

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  1. My old car front bumper got damaged in an accident and now even I am thinking of replacing it with a brand new one. !! I think that it is nice to get your old car body parts replaced with brand new ones as they would make your car look brand new.

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